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Fuel is transferred from storage tanks to the end user using either a pump or a dispenser. A pump draws the fuel using its own suction functionality while a dispenser purely dispenses the product, which is pumped from underground storage tanks by submersible turbine pumps to the dispenser.


Dispensers have accurate and durable meters with technology that can be used to interface with most POS (Point of Sale) systems. The unit’s “look and feel” is very high-tech and the LCD displays are highly visible as they are backlit. A dispenser can be located further away from the tank without significant loss of performance at the nozzle. Electronic calibration enables efficient servicing of these units. The electronics are also conveniently reached through the “refrigerator type” door. The modular designs allow one to keep the technology options open.

The pumping units are durable and generate less noise, with flow meters that are accurate. The motors are explosion proof. So too are the metal conduits, which greatly increases the safety of the wire connections.


  • Three filtering systems ensure clean fuel.
  • Large branding panels located near eye-level.
  • Provide better access and customer visibility in and around the forecourt.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Higher efficiency rate with a lower total cost of ownership.
  • Reliable and easy to use.
  • Modular upgrades are easy and economical.
  • Supported by the world’s global leader in pumps and dispensers.
  • Proven reliability means lower total costs of ownership.
  • Easily interfaced to most Point Of Sale and fuel management systems.
  • Various models available to accommodate all requirements and budgets.
  • Economical and flexible configuration choices means that anything from a single product with a single hose, up to 4 products with 8 hoses dual-sided can be supplied.
  • The physical size of the dispenser/pump remains the same regardless of how many products or hoses are included.

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