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Homebase Automation

The Homebase automation (HB) technology is used to pre-authorize and conclude a fuelling event, accurately recording the details of every drop dispensed. By implementing HB fuel control, the fuel pumps are electronically locked and every litre of fuel dispensed is electronically authorized and recorded.

We supplies a variety of automation solutions that enable users to rest assured that every litre of fuel is appropriately managed and accounted for.

We have solutions for every need including:

  • Site control solutions incorporating keypad entry or barcodes.
  • Site control solutions incorporating vehicle tags Electronic control of tanker truck dispensing(mobile bowsers).
  • Electronic control of lubrication dispensing.
  • Site control solutions incorporating bank cards Site control solutions incorporating keys, smart cards and Mifare.


State of the art durable electronic components designed and built to function in a rugged environment.

  • SCU2050
  • Home Base and On-Road refueling option
  • Authorization/Method of payment options:
  • Vehicle tag
  • Override
  • Communication options
  • Cabled or wireless
  • TCP/IP or modem etc
  • Mechanical or electronic pumps
  • Robust design
  • New product: SiteOmat
  • Web based on-line authorization
  • Real-time transaction information

SABS certification

  • Broad range of solutions that ensures effective management of all on-site fuel dispensing and recording.
  • Solutions tried and tested in over 50 countries. Global market leader that ensures every litre of fuel is automatically accounted for irrespective of the application.
  • TTCU Tanker Truck Control
    • Unit for mobile delivery.
  • ISCU Isle Station Control
    • Unit enabling site control through barcodes, cards, keys and keypad entry.
  • SCU Station Control Unit
    • Enabling complete site automation where vehicles are equipped with tags (RFID microprocessors) that enable vehicles and not drivers to authorize fuel procurement.

SitOmat for web based station automation enables remote access from anywhere in the world. eFuel interface which facilitates on road and homebase refuelling through one common platform.

Accurate electronic recording of all transaction information including:

  • Amount of fuel dispensed
  • Type of fuel dispensed
  • Vehicle identification
  • Vehicle departmental allocation
  • Date and time of transaction
  • Nozzle number and location
  • Readings of odometer and/or engine hours

Together with Veeder Root tank gauging solutions, provides the most comprehensive technical solution for managing in-house fuel usages.


  • Same technology base as SCU2050
  • Ensures static equipment is refueled
  • Robust design and installation
  • Controls up to 4 products
  • Secured electronic refueling
  • No manual integration of data
  • Communication options
  • GSM connectivity


  • Secure, electronically controlled pre-authorized refueling.
  • Accountability for fuel is enhanced as each transaction is allocated to a specified cost centre.
  • Accurate information, such as odometer or hour meter readings, without human intervention.
  • Prevents intentional manipulation and accidental human error.
  • Highlights issues such as excessive fuel consumption and unauthorized use of vehicles.
  • Assists with maintenance scheduling, updating financial records, and cost control.
  • Enhanced asset control through visible refueling data histories.
  • 24 Hour 7 days per week availability of fuel.
  • Equipment is durable and robust.
  • Controllers can be accessed remotely for the download of information.
  • Professional back up, support and training ensures continuous improvement in fuel management processes.
  • Savings on staff costs through automation.
  • Flexible, customized solutions supported by most fuel companies on the continent.
  • National support infrastructure.
  • Improved environmental management.
  • Up to date, reliable information enables effective management and control.
  • The system data output complies with Government standards for ‘accurate records’ thereby enabling certain agricultural and mining operators to claim rebates efficiently.

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